Margaret Tudor (1489-1541)
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Margaret Tudor (1489-1541)

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Princess Margaret, the eldest daughter of Henry VII, was married to James IV of Scotland in 1503. They had two children who survived infancy: James (later James V of Scotland) and Alexander. Following her husband's death at Flodden in 1513, Margaret became Regent. She later remarried, and led a turbulent life, until her death in 1541.

Margaret, wittingly and of deliberate mind, having twelve years complete in age in the month of November last past plighted her troth, vowing to take the said James, King of Scotland, unto and for my husband and spouse, and all other for him forsake during his and mine lives natural.
A Tudor historian on the betrothal of Margaret to James in 1502.

(2) Margaret Tudor (1489-1541)

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Margaret Tudor (1489-1541)

Margaret Tudor was the elder daughter of Henry VII and was encouraged by him to marry James IV for political reasons in 1503, although, since her father was too mean to provide a reasonable dowry for her, relations between Scotland did not significantly improve. This also ensured that Margaret found it necessary to maintain herself financially by switching sides constantly between the pro-English and pro-French factions in Scotland.

After the death of her husband at Flodden Field in 1513, Margaret was made Regent of her small son, James V, but was replaced by the Duke of Albany after her marriage to Archibald Douglas, earl of Angus, the following year. Following this, Margaret fled to England, but when she returned in 1522, she found Douglas had gone off with the daughter of a laird and so she allied herself with Albany to oust him as Regent, in turn. However he came back three years later with the support of Henry VIII and took power as Regent again, remaining in control over James V until James threw him out in 1528, making all his estates forfeit.

Margaret had succeeded in getting her marriage to Douglas annulled in 1527 and married Henry Stewart, who was made Lord Methven the next year by the King. She retained great influence, together with her new husband, over James until he found she had betrayed state secrets to her brother King Henry (VIII) in 1534. Margaret died at Methven Castle in 1541. Advanced Category Search

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