Sir Galahad imprisoned by the Tyrant
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Sir Galahad imprisoned by the Tyrant

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Sir Galahad and his knights rode on until they reached the city of Sarras. When they arrived, Galahad asked for the help of a crippled old man. He replied that he could not because he was too frail. Galahad commanded that the old man stand, and he was cured. The king of the city ordered the three knights to be brought before him, and asked them where they had acquired such mysterious powers,

And they told him the truth of the Holy Grail. The king was a tyrant. He took them, and put them in prison in a deep hole. But as soon as they were there, our Lord sent them the Holy Grail, through whose grace they were alway fulfilled while that they were in prison.
- Malory.

The knights were imprisoned until the end of the year until the king became very sick, and felt that he was about to die.

Then he sent for the three knights, and they came before him, and he cried them mercy of what he had done to them, and they forgave it goodly, and he died anon..
- Malory.

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