Sir Launcelot leaving Dame Elaine
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Sir Launcelot leaving Dame Elaine

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King Pelles was feasting with Sir Launcelot when in a vision a fair maiden entered the hall carrying the Holy Grail. Both men valued this as the richest treasure in the world, and King Pelles had a premonition that it could only be found by a knight called Galahad, who was to be borne of his daughter Elaine and Sir Launcelot. Unfortunately, although Elaine was deeply in love with Sir Launcelot, he was in love with Queen Guenever. So Elaine turned to an enchantress, Dame Brisen, who by her witchcraft enabled Elaine to take the form of Guenever.

Dame Brisen brought Sir Launcelot a cup full of wine, and as soon as he had drunk that wine he was so besotted that he thought that the maiden Elaine had been Queen Guenever. Wit ye well that Sir Launcelot was glad, and so was that Lady Elaine for well she knew that of them should be borne Sir Galahad, that should prove the best knight of the world.
- Malory.

But when Launcelot awoke the next morning he found himself lying next to Lady Elaine not Guenever. Ashamed, he turned on Elaine, who begged him for forgiveness. She told him of the child they would have who would be 'the most noblest knight in all the world'.

And therewith he took her up in his arms and kissed her, for she was as fair a lady, and thereto young, and as wise as any that was at that time living.
- Malory.

And with that he rode off.

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