King Arthur conquering the marvailous Gyant
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King Arthur conquering the marvailous Gyant

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Arthur was told of a giant who had murdered and devoured many of the people of Constantine, and who for seven years had slain all the new-born children of that land. So Arthur gathered two of his most trusty knights, Sir Kay and Sir Bedivere, and commanded them to follow him to revenge themselves upon the giant. On arriving at the mountain they found the giant at his supper, sitting at a fire, gnawing on the limb of a man. And when Arthur turned he saw the bodies of twelve young children on spits over the fire. Horrified, he turned at once on the giant,

Therefore arise and dress thee, thou glutton; for this day shalt thou die of my hand. Then the glutton anon start up and took a great club in his hand, and smote at the king. And the king hit him again, and he carved his belly that his entrails fell down to the ground. Then the giant threw away his club, and caught the king in his arms so that he crushed his ribs.
- Malory.

The battle raged on, and the two tumbled down the mountain to where Sir Kay and Sir Bedivere waited, who at once rose to Arthur's rescue.

Then when they saw the king fast in the giant's arms they came and loosened him. And then the king commanded Sir Kay to smite off the giant's head, and to set it upon a spear and bear it to Sir Howell, and tell him that his enemy was slain, and after let his head be bound to a barbican, that all the people may see and behold it.

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