The Battaile with King Lot
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The Battaile with King Lot

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Arthur strove to defend his kingdom from Saxon invasion and those who questioned his right to be king. There followed many battles and King Arthur and his knights marched onwards through the land. They met King Lot of Orkney at the Castle of Tarabic and for one long day the battle was fought.

And then they advanced banners and smote together, and all shivered their spears; and Arthur's knights, put King Lot and his host to the worse. But always King Lot held him in the foremost front, and did marvellous deeds of arms.
- Malory.

However, the brave knight Sir Pellinore fought directly with King Lot,

and smote him a great stroke through the helm and head unto the brows. And then all the host of Orkney fled for the death of King Lot, and there were slain many mother's sons.
- Malory.

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