Saint Edward the Confessor
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Saint Edward the Confessor

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What were formerly windows were replaced by E.M. Barry with full-length paintings on a gold ground of eight Saints (executed by J.G. Crace and Son).

(2) Saint Edward the Confessor

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Saint Edward the Confessor

Following Danish rule throughout the mid-11th century, the House of Wessex returned to the last surviving son of Ethelred the Unready, Edward. Edward had spent his life in Normandy and so had little understanding of the English or their customs. He was no warrior and was uninterested in the practicalities of government.

Edward was known as the 'amiable dilettante' and despite his weaknesses his reign was relatively peaceful. His gentle manner and devotion to prayer and churchgoing led to his nickname 'The Confessor'. His chief delights were hunting , religious observance and ecclesiastical aesthetics - hence his interest in the rebuilding of Westminster Abbey. The construction of the Abbey Church of Westminster began in 1052 and it was consecrated in 1065. It was demolished during the reign of Henry III and was largely rebuilt by 1272. With the exception of Edward V and Edward VIII, every English monarch since 1066 has been crowned there. The Abbey has also seen royal marriages and many monarchs are buried there. Advanced Category Search

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