Edward III (b. 1312 r. 1327-1377)
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Edward III (b. 1312 r. 1327-1377)

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... his lieges who from their hearts entirely thank God who has given them such a lord and governor, who has delivered them from servitude to other lands and from the charges sustained by them in times past.
A tribute by the Commons to Edward III.

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Edward III (b. 1312 r. 1327-1377)

Edward III, son of Edward II, was only 14 when he came to the throne. His long reign spanned 50 years and was dominated by the 100 years war with France. Edward started the war in 1337 to further his claim to the French throne - he was the nephew of the French King Charles IV, who had no children. Edward was successful in war, regaining almost a quarter of France with the help of his warrior son Edward, the Black Prince (nickname due to his black armour) who took over the later stages of warfare. One of the main reasons for Edward's success was the use of the longbow - only the English archers had it. He also made a few gains in Scotland, in fact he even captured the Scottish King David.

Edward also made considerable domestic achievements in legal and parliamentary reform, and made English not French the official language of law and parliament. Edward had admired the court system of the legendary King Arthur, and wanted to create such a round table where all were equal, and courage, honour and kindness to the weak were valued above all else.

Edward excelled in all the knightly arts, loved hunting and falconry and was astute in choosing advisers. He was also very much loved by his people who thought him immortal. Unfortunately, the second half of his reign was shadowed by firstly the Black Death - killing a third of the population, secondly the death of his son the Black Prince and lastly by many defeats in battle.

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