Edward V (b.1470 r.1483)
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Edward V (b.1470 r.1483)

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He is commonly called King Edward the Fifth, tho' his head was ask'd but never married to the English crown, and therefore in all the pictures made him, a distance interposed, forbiddeth the banes betwixt them.
Thomas Fuller, The Worthies of England, 1662.

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Edward V (b.1470 r.1483)

Edward V was only nine years old when the crown was passed to him on the death of his father Edward IV in 1483. In his will, the old king had appointed his brother Richard, Duke of Gloucester, as Protector. Unfortunately, the 'Protector' wanted the crown for himself and at once declared Edward's parents' marriage invalid - which meant that the young king would therefore be illegitimate. In turn, Richard appointed himself as the rightful heir and placed Edward (and his younger brother) in captivity in the Tower of London. After a few months the Princes were never seen again - their deaths have become one of the greatest mysteries in English history.

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