Anne of Warwick (1456-1485)
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Anne of Warwick (1456-1485)

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Anne of Warwick, wife of Richard III, when being courted by him, once disguised herself as a serving-maid in order to hide from him.

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Anne of Warwick (1456-1485)

Anne was one of the two heiresses to the fortune of Richard Neville, the Earl of Warwick and was married off by him to Prince Edward (then only 16), Henry VI's heir, when he and Margaret of Anjou had been reconciled in France in 1470 after the intervention of Louis XI. Anne was soon a widow at the tender age of 15 when Edward was killed the next year at the battle of Tewkesbury.

Anne was now placed under the guardianship of the Duke of Clarence, her sister Isabella's husband. He was not pleased to learn that his younger brother Richard of Gloucester was intent on marrying Anne and so moved her round the country from castle to castle, disguised as a serving-maid, to prevent her meeting Richard. In any event the plan failed, Richard found her and married her at St. Martin-le-Grand in London in 1472.

She was very attached to Richard and it seems he reciprocated as they lived happily at Middleham Castle in Yorkshire for many years until he seized the crown in 1483 after the death of Edward IV. In this period they had a son Edward, who unfortunately was a weak and poorly child and when Anne heard that he had died, whilst she and Richard were making a royal progress through the eastern counties, she went into a decline and died also (1485). Advanced Category Search

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