Anne Hyde (1637-1671)
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Anne Hyde (1637-1671)

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Paint her with oyster lip and breath of fame
Wide mouth that 'sparagus may well proclaim
With Chanc'llors belly and so large a rump,
There (not behind the coach) her pages jump.
Andrew Marvell, Last Instructions to a Painter.

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Anne Hyde (1637-1671)

Anne, the daughter of the Earl of Clarendon, was secretly married to James II in 1660, when already pregnant. She died in 1673 eleven years before James became King (he later married Mary of Modena). They had two daughters, Mary and Anne, but no male children. Mary was to marry William of Orange with great reluctance in 1677 and become joint sovereign with him in 1688. Her other daughter Anne succeeded them in 1702 to become Queen.


The Duke of York in all things but his amours was led by the nose by his wife.
- Samuel Pepys, Diary, 1668

March 31st, f, died Anne, Duchess of York ... She died with eating and drinking; died fast and fustie; salacious; lecherous.
- Anthony à Wood, Life and Times, 1671 Advanced Category Search

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