Elizabeth knighting Francis Drake
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Elizabeth knighting Francis Drake

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Drake, admiral, scourge of the Spanish and circumnavigator of the globe in the Golden Hind, was the founder of British sea power. The scene here depicted shows him on board his ship at Deptford being knighted by Queen Elizabeth on his return from the voyage around the world which had lasted from 1577 to 1580.

When open war broke out with Spain in 1585, Drake was appointed Admiral of the Fleet - hitherto he had been a simple privateer. He shares, with Nelson, the honour of being England's greatest admiral.

He was more skillful in all points of navigation than any that ever was before his time, in his time, or since his death. He was also of perfect memory , great observation, eloquent by nature, skillful in artillery, expert and apt to let blood and give physic to his people according to the climate.
John Stow.

(2) Elizabeth knighting Francis Drake

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