Emily Wilding-Davison
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Emily Wilding-Davison

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At the West end of the chapel a flight of steps leads to Old Palace Yard. In the cupboard at the bottom of the steps was recently placed a commemorative plaque. It reads,

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Keyword 'In loving memory of Emily Wilding-Davison. In this broom cupboard Emily Wilding-Davison hid herself, illegally, during the night of the 1911 census. She was a brave Suffragette campaigning for votes for women at a time when Parliament denied them that right. In this way she was able to record her address on the night of the census as being the House of Commons : thus making her claim to the same political rights as men. Emily Wilding-Davison died in June 1913 from injuries sustained when she threw herself under the King's horse at the Derby to draw public attention to the injustice suffered by women. By such means was democracy won for the people of Britain.'