Opposition Benches
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Opposition Benches

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The Opposition Benches, occupied by Members of any or all parties which do not take the Government Whip, look exactly like those which they face. The Official Opposition, which means the largest of the Opposition Parties, occupies the benches nearest the Speaker's Chair, with the Leader of the Opposition taking the seat which faces that of the Prime Minister, with its own Despatch Box in front of it.

The backs of the benches are fitted with sound amplifiers, and there are small brass plates in which cards may be placed to reserve the use of that space until the House rises. These cards are called Prayer Cards, because they reserve a seat for a Member at morning prayers and, perhaps more importantly, for the rest of that sitting. If at any time the seat is unoccupied, it may be taken by another Member - but it will have to be given up if the reserving Member comes to claim it.

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